Today’s a Gift….Celebrate it !!!


I’m worried. It may be coincidence but I’ve been nominated at work for a mindfulness course. Is it because there’s something in my behaviour or performance that’s worrying those few colleagues who know about Helen’s death? I’ve been back only a short time but I thought I’d made a good show of things — I say “show” as what lies beneath is definitely less commitment and respect for what-I-do’s importance. So I check out who else is going to the six workshops. Pleasingly, it’s a broad cross-section of colleagues none of whom look like the collection of emotionally strung out, hollow-eyed hand-wringing lost souls that I’d feared I’d be matched with.

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Times change and a dad’s job never !!!


My son is going off to university and since I don’t know what advice to give him I thought we should take him to a student counsellor.

“You are the father. Isn’t this your job?” said my wife in that tone of voice that usually leads me into dangerous territory.

“Look, we should leave the job to professionals. We do not have much experience with what to tell an 18-year-old,” I said. “I don’t think we ever gave any ‘gyan’ (advice or knowledge in Hindi) to our eldest. We just put him on the plane and sent him off.”

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I’m not insane because I’m late

hands texting with mobile phones in cafe

I can’t remember the last time I was on time for something. According to the writer Tim Urban, this makes me a lunatic. Or, as he puts it, a CLIP: Chronically Late Insane Person. Urban reckons there are three reasons people are late.

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This is rare. When we sat around the dinner table, it was not my husband and I who stared at the phone screen. It was mum and dad. They have been at it — messaging every one, from the distant cousin in Canada to their granddaughter in India. The other day, when their friend’s son got married in India, they watched the event on their phone because the wedding was being streamed live. I don’t know when it happened, but smartphones have become their constant companion in their old age.

When dad was introduced to smartphones last year, he was hesitant. Mum was not even interested. But, when mum had to travel to India alone, we grabbed the opportunity to lure her into smart telephony. We figured that would be the best way to reach her. So, we sat her down on the day of her flight and taught her everything about using the phone. It was a crash course and she quite hated it. She swore she wouldn’t get sucked into the world of social networking.

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It was fun while it lasted but now that the fuel subsidies have been lifted, the chances of me burning expensive gas to drive to the corner grocery store for a loaf of bread and a bottle of fresh milk, are going to be a thing of the past.
“Let’s just order home delivery, it’s free,” my wife is very likely to say, and I can imagine myself on one weekend standing at the corner bus stop to take the public transport to go to a movie theatre.

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I had been away from this blog for quiet sometime since it has been launched and from now onwards I will ensure that I jot down on my visions happening around the world on a daily manner.

Life is sometimes tough to cope up with and there are many factors which are related to this. With God’s grace and the support from my family, I have been able to overcome it and I am able to be back to the real me.

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