September 9, 2001: High turnout in Belarus ballot

High turnout in Belarus ballot

2001 – Belarus’ central election committee reported a high turnout in presidential elections, which incumbent Alexander Lukashenko is tipped to win. Midway through, 57 per cent of the voters in Belarus had cast their ballots, committee secretary Nikolai Lozovik said. The election is considered validated when turnout rises above 50 per cent. “There have not been any major complaints on the handling of the vote,” Lozovik said. The committee chairwoman Lidia Ermochina said the number of voters who cast their ballots in advance had also been high, at 14.3 per cent. Belarus’ system of advance voting, which allows people to cast ballots during the five days running up to the poll, has been heavily criticised by observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

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