Dubal passes yet another milestone

Dubal passes yet another milestone

1996 – The start-up of the first production cells under Dubai Aluminium Co’s (Dubal) $500 million (Dh1.83 billion) expansion programme, the Falcon Project, has gone on-stream ahead of schedule and well within the budget, the company announced. The fast-track major development project, which upon completion will raise annual production capacity by more than 50 per cent to 375,000 tonnes, saw the energising of the first two production cells. In Expansion A, a total of 60 cells are ready for start-up, while the remaining 180 cells are being prepared so that the full potline will be energised by next spring. The expansion not only reinforces Dubai’s and the company’s international standing, but also promotes the Gulf as a potential key player in aluminium.

Other Important Events

1664 – The Dutch surrender New Amsterdam to the British, who rename it New York.

1831 – Russia takes Warsaw after a two-day battle as Polish revolt collapses.

1900 – Galveston, Texas, is struck by a hurricane that kills about 6,000 people.

1926 – Germany is admitted to the League of Nations.

1928 – The first US cross-country airmail service begins operating between San Francisco, California, and New York.

1941 – Germans begin an 872-day siege of Leningrad, now St Petersburg, Russia.

1943 – US Air Force bombs the German General Headquarters for the Mediterranean zone in Frascati, Italy during the Second World War.

1944 – The first of more than 1,000 German V-2 ballistic missiles land in Britain.

1951 – A peace treaty with Japan is signed by 48 other nations in San Francisco.

1969 – Sulaiman Maghrabi is appointed premier of Libya.

1974 – US President Gerald Ford grants an unconditional pardon to former president Richard Nixon.

1991 – Republic of Macedonia declares its independence from Yugoslavia.

1993 – Gunmen in Johannesburg, South Africa, kill at least 21 black commuters and wound 25.

1996 – Michael Schumacher drives his Ferrari to victory in Italian Grand Prix.

2002 – South and North Korea agree to open permanent facilities for reunions of families separated by their Cold War division.

2005 – A Sri Lankan woman is killed in a stampede at Colombo international airport, triggered by a bomb scare on a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane.

2006 – Two bombs tear through a crowd of Muslim worshippers in Malegaon, India, killing 37 people.

2008 – A landslide at an illegal mining operation in northern China kills at least 260 people.

2013 – Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari steps down at the end of his five-year term, becoming the first democratically elected president to complete his full term in office in the country.

2014 – The Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation opens in Dubai.