September 1, 2001: Popova sets three world records

Popova sets three world records

2001 — Russian Velentina Popova set three world records as weightlifters continued to relieve Goodwill Games organisers of the lucrative bonuses on offer. Athletes are competing for prize money in 14 sports at the Goodwill Games, with bonuses for world records in some events. “I’m glad I came to the Goodwill Games… partly for monetary reasons,” said Popova, speaking through a translator, after winning the women’s 69 kilogram weightlifting division. Weightlifters get $25,000 for each world record. Popova collected $84,000, including $2,000 for winning each of her three gold medals, $1,000 for each personal best and the bonus payment for each of her world records in snatch, clean-and-jerk and total.

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