India at 70 and Starting Over !!!

India at 70

What could be some of the defining images of India at 70?

The lockdown in Srinagar, which can neither silence nor contain the disillusion of a new generation of Kashmiris trapped in festering crisis. The cow vigilantism in many parts of the county which says it is alright to disrespect human life in the name of the cow, and which targets Muslims and Dalits. The Dalit protest gathering force in response, challenging the gau rakshaks, and driven by a new generation of Dalits empowered by technology, education, economic change. Prime Minister’s belated castigation of cow vigilantism followed by VHP’s demand for Gau Mantralaya, a cow helpline. AIMIM leader lamenting that Muslim localities still don’t have schools or roads, only police stations. Iron Sharmila calling off her 16-year-old fast that could not make the Indian state respond to her demand for withdrawal of a draconian law, her resolve to carry on her fight by joining the electoral fray. The chief justice of India berating a powerful government armed with an argument-stopper of a mandate for the logjam on judges’ appointments.

They are disparate images, but with a common theme: They speak of freedom’s work half done or undone, while promising that the fight for a greater freedom is still on. Some thoughts crossing my mind that what a citizen should do if he loves and respect his country. I don’t think sloganeering or beating people for not singing ‘jana gana mana’ is any service to nation.

I feel nation is a group of people who decided to live together. It is not just a geography. Geographies are imaginary lines on earth’s crest which keep changing every 50 years but nations endure and live as long as people decide to live together. For living together as a nation, we must think of collective good of all of us. Let us say no to corruption, all type of it. Breaking a queue in traffic jam and pushing your car in incoming lane is also a corrupt practice, for a small benefit you may choke the complete traffic.

Wastage of any type (food, electricity, water….) should be avoided. You are paying your electricity bill but your wastage may make some little child or old patient sleep without fan. Money belongs to you but resources belong to all of us (nation).

There is no fun in cleaning my home and dumping all garbage in street. If we use dustbins at our home and not litter all around us, then why can’t we follow same practice outside home.

In my view, a person with some caring, compassion and concern towards fellow human beings is true patriot. He can serve his nation and humanity better than anyone else, no matter which country he belongs to.

Happy Independence Day